Just talk to them

Today I was having a cors(cross-origin resource sharing) problem.
You see, having a cross domain ajax call can be very important sometimes, but this is blocked for security reasons.
So finally I found out about this guys: http://enable-cors.org/
and their enable cors project.

Ok, this should be perfect, but... how will I change the headers of the response I am getting?
simple: Just talk to them.

Yes, as simple as that, I just sent them an email explaining what was happening and why I wanted that changed. In less than 1 hour, it was done.

Sometimes we overthink about solutions that won't involve the other side, when it should be a matter of a few minutes.

Anyway, thanks profundcom, your support was very helpful.

Ah, this is what is supposed to be in the header:
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

in asp.net:
Response.AppendHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Origin", "*");

That's it for now, hope it helps to solve your problems as well.

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