Today it is all about tableless. Or is it?
A few years ago this new trend started growing among webdevelopers.

For some time, I haven't really seen a real advantage in that. And then I started to see some value, but still, I thought for most of the cases tables was faster to code, and also results in a clearer code.
But this time I had to make a hebrew website. This means to make an RTL version of the website. RTL means not only to write in the opposite direction, but also to mirror the whole thing.
And this time I was amazed by how easy the conversion was.
I've had to make some adjustments, but most of it worked like a charm.

What do you think you have to do when people tell you you have to have several languages for the same site? and what if some are LTR and others are RTL?

Well, one excellent recommendation from my friend Avi was to create variables in the css and replace them like this:

[ALIGN] = left
[OALIGN] = right
[ALIGN] = right
[OALIGN] = left

this alone can take care of almost all the problems when you change the direction.
It is quite impressive how this simple thing can make a whole site mirrored.

So if you are considering the possibility of having different direction for you site, please make it tabeless to begin with, or you will hate yourself later.

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