So there is this new IDE now. Lean, lightweight... rip off?

I became a Sublime Text fan when I changed my language of choice from C# to Ruby.
Nothing is as good as Visual Studio, so moving on to the red side of the force I needed something to edit my files in, and please don't say VI.
VI could have been great years ago, but now I really can't see the point. Emacs is even worse, it is basically: you get all the bad features from VI, make them worse and call it an editor.

So in my search the first result was the Textmate, but at the time I didn't have a mac.
The closest thing I could find was SublimeText.
Sure, it is a paid software, and it seems silly to pay for a text editor like that when you have so many free options out there.
But it is so nice... I love its interface, the multiple selection, the command thing, well... almost everything in it, I just wish there was a file explorer to the side.

Now not only there is a copy of SublimeText, but they added the file explorer and made it free!

I just started using it, so maybe there will be a rant here in a few days, but for now this is my new editor of choice.

Also, don't forget to look for some plugins, they make this software so much better...

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