Back in purple, well... that is the elixir's main color, right?

One of my favorite hobbies is to learn new technologies. This means almost anything. I like Languages, patterns, databases, and sometimes even hardware stuff (even though I am very bad at that)

That being said, from time to time I decide to revisit and adopt or abandon that technology.

This time is about Elixir. but not just about elixir, I realised that to properly learn elixir, Erlang is required.
No, you don't have to use Erlang code, but it is more about the programming style (and a bit about the libraries too).

So why to learn that?


Not only that, every time you learn a new paradigm, you bring good knowledge to yours. So learning Erlang might bring you some good improvements even in java. 
But seriously, it is 2014... leave java where it belongs: in the past!

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