Locked in VR - Walkthrough

Today I decided to try this fun short escape room vr game.

I like the challenge, gameplay is ok,
picking up objects from the floor and open the cabinets are a bit of a problem but no big deal.
The worst part for me that is to press the buttons in the door panel,
but more about that when we hit this part.

You start the game in a room with the phone ringing. You can pick it up, or not. It makes no difference.
But at least it will stop ringing.

First pick up the flashlight. there are extra batteries distributed 2 on top of the little table in the side of the bed. One in the cabinet in the side of the computer and another one in the shelf in the side of the stairs.

now go to the fuse pannel and move the yellow fuse down, like this:
x x x x
o x x x
it will turn the projector on. With this you can pick up the slides and see what is in it.

pick up the red fuse on the floor in front of the panel,
also take the blue fuse on top of the table, and put it in the fuse panel.
go to the clock on the left, take the green fuse and put it in the panel.

go to the clock in the right, and get the crowbar
go back to the projector room and remove the nails from the wood pannel in front of the projector
take the red fuse and the spear you find in it.
There is also an extra battery in floor.

put the red fuse in the pannel, and open the dead guy in the ceiling
it will drop a key, take the key and open the safe

now put the combination
o o x o
x x x x
it will turn on the uv light pannel on top of the bed.
you should point that into the wall, where the arrows are drawn
you will see 43125 written on the wall

o o o o
x x x o
this turn on the door keypad

now this is the part that took me most time to figure out: how to type in this keypad
you have to press the grab button on the button you want to push
now just type the number you saw on the wall in it
it will open the door

there are many doll arms there and the last one in the left is holding a key
pick up the key and go for the door on top of the stairs

done, that is it
Is it a good entertaining?
does it worth the 6 CHF?
not sure, but on the sale it does.

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