18 Sep 2021, 10:23

server update

God dammit ubuntu!


I have to start by admitting one thing: I use to hate servers. Every time I even had to open a remote connection, that would ruin my mood. Granted, I am a web developer, my work depends on it. But still…

All that is just to explain why I haven’t updated my ancient server for a few years

Ok, time to roll up my… well, I don’t really wear long sleeves… Anyway, I take a deep breath and try to upgrade it.

sudo do-release-upgrade


Reading cache

Checking package manager

Cannot upgrade 

An upgrade from 'zesty' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool. 
=== Command terminated with exit status 1 (Sat Sep 18 16:30:40 2021) ===


Ooops Apparently this upgrading tool doesn’t support my version anymore

I tried ducking around (yes, I use duck duck go), but none of the results was working for me

Got in contact with scaleway and they said: - ubuntu is only upgradeable for 2 major versions. Now you have to destroy your instance, and make a new one.

Dammit, now I will have a new instance with new price. My old instance was super cheap because it was that old.

Ok, it was my fault. I will not complain. lets go!

So I got my new instance and started working on it:

  1. Create my own user & secure it
  2. install and configure nginx and certbot
  3. install docker
  4. git clone my apps, run devops script
  5. spend days and days fixing…

… wait a minute …

it works! 😎

But wait, how is this working? 🤔

it took me months to set up the old server

Simple: Docker

You see, the old server I had to set up app by app

but when I got 2 more developers to work on my side project, I decided to have it all running on docker, so it would be easy to have it working for everyone

I was expecting it would be easier, but having it all working in minutes was unbelievable.